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PRIMA Consumption Recording

No. 2013

Short description:

Especially in times of ever-increasing prices, many people want to control their costs for consumer goods such as water, heating, electricity and others. This programme offers you the possibility to record consumption values on your PC at regular and irregular intervals, to calculate the costs and to display statistics. For recording with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet PC and similar), there is additional software (CRmobile) and an import interface. The additional software is a website and should therefore run on almost all operating systems.

The most important functions:
  • Management of master data: Units of measurement, categories, costs, meter readers (consumption meters).
  • Manual recording of consumption data.
  • Support of meter reading using mobile devices (smartphone, tablet PC) including data import.
  • Sorting, search, column filter, table filter.
  • Print output
  • Short statistics
  • Export to the following formats: HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF.
  • Graphical evaluations (diagram) with output option in a PDF file.
  • Bonus functions only for purchasers of the programme eBook:
  • 1. change of the device order (for example, into the order in which readings are taken).
  • 2. manual series recording (several consumption values for the same appliance).
  • 3. device change (for example, replacement of the water meter).
  • 4. period comparison (compare up to three freely definable periods with each other) with the option of output to a PDF file.
ISBN: 978-3-7534-0213-0
around 27 pages in the print version
1st edition for Software-Release 1.0
published: 01/21/2021 on
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