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8 Software descriptions

After I have published a travel report and two picture booklets as mine first German eBooks (the picture booklets are also in English language), now will follow bit by bit eBooks to different software programmes. These are published with a uniform design within the series of books provided by me "edeus".
The eBooks to "PRIMA Image Racer", "PRIMA Little Image Viewer", "PRIMA Password Protector" and to "Extensions for Website X5" and some more are available now.
Because no linguistic call sign accepts, I have to publish all my publications in English language on another platform: My Spanish and Dutch eBooks I publish at and also new eBooks in English.
At the end of October of 2019 I removed both booklets.
NEW: Would you prefer your purchased eBook in PDF format? Then read on here ("New from May 2020 for buyers of eBooks in the edeus series").

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