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What is edeus?

The term "edeus" is an acronym for
"eBooks with descriptions for an easy usage of software programs"  and is an idea by me.
The name says it all: This will be an eBook serial in which I will publish tutorials / descriptions for an easy training to some software applications and for an easy use of it also.
The serial will have an uniform cover and will published in German and partial English language - each language in an own eBook.

In February of 2016 I reworked the layout of the edeus series. The first edition with the new one was the new edition of "PRIMA Image Racer" (see image on the rigth hand side).
The background color consists of the font color of the application's icon. I hope that this layout is more clearly for its viewers.

In the white rectangle near the lower right edge you can find the series number, the language in which this eBook was written and the category of software: Freeware, Shareware, Commercial, Public Domain.

The serial number, e. g. 2001, has the following meaning:
The first numeral shows the language (1 = German, 2 = English)
The following 3 numerals are a continuing number for the publication in this serial and language.

I will start with some freeware programs by me and I have plans for software made by other developers too. But I will see like this will be accept by the software users.
The eBooks were published
on neobooks.com (only in German) and on bookrix.com / bookrix.com (only in English) in the Kindle-Format (Amazon) and as epub.

The font used for the logo is from www.fontsquirrel.com

All published and planned eBooks of the edeus-series:
(Status: April of 2017)
In English LanguageIn German Language
No.Title and Year*No.Title and Year*
2001PRIMA Little Image Viewer, 20151001
PRIMA Little Image Viewer, 2014
PRIMA Little Image Viewer, Part 2, 2015
PRIMA Knowledge & Information, 2017
PRIMA Little Image Viewer, Teil 2, 2014
PRIMA Wissen & Information, 2017
PRIMA Image Racer, 2014
PRIMA Image Racer, 2014
PRIMA Password Case, 2015
PRIMA Passwort-Kiste, 2015
Extensions for WebSite X5, 2015
1005Erweiterungen für WebSite X5, 2015
2006 - reserved for SAMOS*** Complete Edition -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Gesamtausgabe -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Part 1 -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Teil 1 -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Part 2 -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Teil 2 -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Part 3 -
- reserved for SAMOS*** Teil 3 -
2010 - not available -1010SiBA**** Scribimus, 2016
- not available -
SiBA**** Postbuch EASY, 2017
2012- reserved for the next PRIMA-Application, planned for 02/2018 -
- reserved for the next PRIMA-Application, planned for 02/2018 -
* - Year of the first edition
** - The content of Part 2 was included in Part 1 (No. 2001 and No. 1001) with Software-Release 2.0. So this edeus-Number was used for the next new application by me.
*** - SAMOS is the short name of three DLLs by me which are only for software developers. SAMOS is in work but still without a publish date (planned for summer of 2018).
**** - SiBA (Simple Business Applications) is the name of a software series for freelancers and small firms; only in German language

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