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You don't know the Freeware "Video - Cut & More"? Then download the installation file from the program description side.
No. 2012
PRIMA Video - Cut & More
More than only simple video cut

Short description:

I developed this program as replacement for the "Freemake Video Converter" which you can use decreasingly in it's freeware version, but with some other main functions:

  • "Collect" all wanted videos and images in the file list
  • simple video cut
  • simple image editor
  • convert videos into another video format
  • convert images into a video format
  • Concat some video clips (and/or images) into one video file
  • extract an audio stream from a video file
  • extract images from a video file

ISBN: 978-3-7438-6906-6
around 31 pages in the print version
1st edition for Software-Release 1.0
Published as epub:

05/18/2018 on
Do you want to use this programm a little bit better or do you want easy to support the further development of it? Than buy this eBook.

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