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You don't know the Freeware "Password Protector"? Than download the installation file from the program description side.

No. 2004
PRIMA Password Protector
Central management of passwords

Short description:

Note: Up to and including Release 2.0, the program was called "Password Case" in English, "Passwort Kiste" in German. Due to the numerous languages now supported, a uniform, language-independent name became necessary. For this reason, beginning with Software-Release 3.0, it was renamed to the uniform name "Password Protector".

In this eBook you will find the basic functions of this password-management-application:

  • General program construction, Safety of the program
  • Program access (Registration, Login, virtual keyboard, 2FA)
  • Settings
  • Creation of categories
  • Creation of access data (a pattern like "Login name and password")
  • Capture of additional data (PIN, PUK, PUK2, IBAN, BIC, up to three credit cards, license or serial number, certificate file)
  • Creation of data for bank (for online banking and additional till five credit- or bank-cards for one record)
  • Reminder for passwords with an expiration date
  • Copy the password (PIN, PUK, PUK2) into the clipboard with automatically deletion of the clipboard content by a timer
  • Function for creation of safe passwords
  • Printing functions
  • Export to a password saved an high encrypted PDF-File for use on all devices
  • Filling help for web forms
ISBN: 978-3-7487-1634-1
around 30 pages in the print version
4th, updated edition for Software-Release 3.0
06/02/2015 on (4th edition: 09/26/2019)

Published as epub:

Do you want to use this programm a little bit better or do you want easy to support the further development of it? Than buy this eBook.

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