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All my eBooks of the "edeus"-series contain software descriptions. If the software will be updated in a major release (e. g. from 1.0 to 2.0) a new updated edition of the eBook to this software will be available.
My opinion is that nobody should pay some times for the same. So I offer the following to all buyers of eBooks of my "edeus"-series (this offer applies to the english and the german editions):
If you have bought an eBook of the "edeus"-series and an updated edition to this eBook will be available than you can get it fro free in the same language.
For example you've bought the eBook to the program "PRIMA Image Racer" in the first or second edition (Software-Releases 1.0 or 1.1). Since the end of february of 2016 the third edition is available (Software-Release 2.0). So you can get it for free and all further updated editions to this program too (if you bought one eBook you can get only one copy of the newest edition!). This applies to all programmes developed by me.

What do you have to do?
Write an E-Mail to support(at) with the subject "actual eBook". As attachment you send me a copy of your bill to this eBook in PDF-, Jpeg- or Png-Format. A requirement is that the name and/or the e-mail-address in your e-mail to me are the same like in the bill!
I will check your data with the data from the sellers to minimize the misuse of this offer!
You will get the newest edition to your eBook by a return-e-mail within a time window of 4 weeks. After it I will delete your e-mail (I don't collect data).

Of course you can also buy the newest edition of my eBooks if you want to support the further development of my freeware applications. As eBook-author I will get approximately 30 - 34% of the eBook's price and I use it to buy new development software or to host my websites.
In this case I want to say "Thank you" to you.
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