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You don't know the Freeware "Little Image Viewer"? Than download the installation file from the program description side.
No. 2001
PRIMA Little Image Viewer
An image viewer with additional functions

Short description:

In this eBook you will find all functions of this image viewer:

  • Load all supported image formats of a folder
  • Sort
  • View options
  • Preview
  • Resize of all selected images

Single image View:
  • "normal" single images
  • multipage images (tiff, gif) with preview of the single pages
  • Play animated Gif files
  • View options
  • Resize
  • Send the shown image as mail attachment
  • Copy the shown image into the clipboard
  • Paste the content of the clipboard
  • Show other images of the actually used folder

  • Use Drag&Drop

Audio files:
It's possible to embedd images in audio files. In the "Audio"-tab you can view these images. If you want, you can extract it as an own image file and by the way you can hear the music of the choosen audio files.

Video clips:
On a trip or holiday you often make not only photos with your digicam, sometimes also video clips. This clips you can see in the "Video"-tab in difference sizes. You can save a single frame or a range of frames as image files or send it as mail attachment.

Start parameters:
These parameters you can use to change files directly from your explorer without opening it in the image viewer:
Print an image
Convert an image into another format

New with Release 2.0:
  • Unicode support
  • Larger and more modern icons
  • An improved print preview from "Multi" and the Multipage view in "Single"
  • Export of images into PDF or Avi files

Camera support:
  • Select a connected camera
  • Infos to camera properties
  • Lists all images on the memory card of the camera
  • Display the image in a small preview (Jpg, Tiff, Camera-Raw)
  • Large display for the image (only Jpg, Tiff)
  • Import of all selected images to another disk (only Jpg)
  • Delete a single image from the memory card of the camera
ISBN: 978-3-7368-7392-6
around 81 pages in the print version
3rd, updated edition for Software-Release 2.0
Note: Till Release 1.05 there were two eBooks as description of all functions. Beginning with Release 2.00 there is only one eBook with the description of all functions included. The offer for getting the actually edition of an edeus-eBook is for all buyers which bought one or more parts of this eBook for Release 1.xx.

01/27/2015 on (3rd edition: 08/15/2016)
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Do you want to use this programm a little bit better or do you want easy to support the further development of it? Than buy this eBook.

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