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No. 2003

You don't know the Freeware "Image Racer"? Than download the installation file from the program description side.

PRIMA Image Racer
An image viewer

Short description:

In this eBook you will find the basic functions of this image viewer:


  • Load all supported image formats of a folder
  • Preview

Single image View:

  • "normal" single images
  • multipage images (tiff, gif) with preview of the single pages
  • Play animated Gif files
  • View options
  • Send the shown image as mail attachment
  • Copy the shown image into the clipboard
  • Paste the content of the clipboard
  • Create a negative from the image
  • Change a color image into a grey one
  • Crop a part of an image and use it
  • Panorama-Views
  • Encrypt/Decrypt an image

The complete function history of the software you will find here.
ISBN: 978-3-7368-5488-8
around 39 pages in the print version
6th, updated edition for Software-Release 4.0
11/10/2014 on (6th edition: 09/12/2017)
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Published as epub:

Do you want to use this programm a little bit better or do you want easy to support the further development of it? Than buy this eBook.

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