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Extensions for WebSite X5

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You don't know the Freeware "Extensions for WebSite X5"? Then download the installation file from the program description side.
No. 2005
Extensions for WebSite X5
Additional functions for users of Incomedia's "WebSiteX5"
Legal Notes: "WebSite X5" is a trademark of www.Incomedia.eu. That includes all versions of it ("WebSite X5 Free", "WebSite X5 Smart", WebSite X5 Home", WebSite X5 Compact", "WebSite X5 Evolution" and "WebSite X5 Profesional").

Short description:

In this eBook you will find the available functions described by using examples. These are additional functions for the WebSite X5-versions "Free", "Smart" / "Home" / "Start" and "Compact". For "Evolution" is this only partial.

  • Support for the WebSite X5-Release 9 - 15
  • direct linking of projects (useful because of the limited number of 10 or 25 pages on "Free" and "Smart" / "Home" for increasing the available page number to about maximal 64 or 529)
  • direct links from menu items to internet addresses
  • Insert an own background image without creating a new template
  • Texts and images with links in header and footer
  • Keywords for multilingual pages
  • Create a sitemap
  • Create a robots.txt
  • Insert tables
  • Hide menu items
  • Do not scroll the header.
  • Button "Scroll back to the top of the page".
  • Display the content of pages in tabs.
  • Display the content of pages in tabs for responsive design
  • Batch processing
  • Support for two visitor counters

        Additional functions, independent from the version:
        • automatically logging of the project processing
        • after finishing a project processing the log file can be displayed automatically
        • a small and light HTML- and CSS-Editor
        ISBN: 978-3-7396-0291-2
        around 61 pages in the print version
        4th, updated edition for Software-Release 3.0
        Do you want to use this programm a little bit better or do you want easy to support the further development of it? Than buy this eBook.
        Published as epub:


        07/01/2015 on bookrix.com
        (5th edition: 07/28/2018)
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