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On this page I try to compare some software-programs for reading eBooks. Please keep the following in mind: The compare bases on my suggestions of a good reader - but everybody has own suggestions of it!
The rating begins with one star * = bad till five stars ***** = excellent.
For me personal is a reader important which can display the partly lot of images in my eBooks in a high quality.
Function / Program-name
Sumatra PDF
Adobe Digital Editions
Icecream Reader
Text alignment***********************
Indenting of the 1st row in a paragraph*********************
Show empty rows*********************
Tables from word processing
Image quality*****************
OtherPRO: very fast, also for PDF
CONTRA: Page count depends from the size of the program-window
PRO: also for PDF, fix page count
CONTRA: nerved requests on every closing if file shall be copied into library
PRO: a lot of settings
CONTRA: no page count (only a kind of percentage), change the ratio of images
CONTRA: partly "comical" translations into German, Page count depends from the size of the program-windowPRO: also on Android available, fix page count, a lot of settings
CONTRA: some overaged, Text is centered every time

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